Our ‘cutting-edge technology’ means a bit different from what it generally means.
Our ‘cutting-edge’ is more to the perfect integration of technology and nature rather than the top of the mountain alone.

We believe our technology and hard work will be shine when they work with nature with perfect harmony.
That is why we chose the unknown field of technology many years ago when few people cared of electromobility on water.

We keep working hard with cutting-edge technology.
We are sure it will make everything better.


ALL PARTS WERE DESIGNED AND BUILT IN ONE PLACE All ELECTRINE propulsion products are provided as a complete set fully manufactured by ELECTRINE.
Since we build every product from the scratch, we know the whole system better than anyone else.
It allows easy expandability of product lines and components with fast trouble shooting capability.



Simple is always best. The concept of One Chip Integration began from the simple brainstorming
to find a solution for minimizing possible errors among numerous systems connected to each other.
If a single chip could control the entire system, it would be convenient to find the trouble and solve the problem.
It maximizes the efficiency of control and management while minimizing the manufacturing process.


All electromobilities must concern battery and charging. Electric boat also thinks about it even more seriously since it requires more energy to move forward. Electric boats theoretically consume much more energy than other electromobilities like EV. Therefore, electric boats or propulsions need either larger battery pack or frequent charges. Neither solution is ideal. What if we design a battery module and packs that are easy to swap in a few minutes? That is why we designed and built our own battery module and packs, which are for Battery Swap System (BSS).

BSS can be sited everywhere and even in the middle of the ocean.
Elctric boats can anchor at the station for swapping an empty battery pack with a fully charged pack in a few minutes.
It is a perfect solution every electric boat enthusiasts have dreamed about.


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